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in u.s. history a fact not lost on those here at the pumps. the price affects everything from flying to fruits and veggies. how much is that hurting you? >> it's really bad. it's really bad, probably about $75 to $80 to fill this up oar are our country uses 400 million gallons of gas a day. >> right now it's an easy $4. that's already there in california. wouldn't be surprised to see a this get closer to $5. >> reporter: that doesn't sit well here in baltimore. >> it's troubling. it does not stop me from driving around because necessity overweighs the cost of the gas and you just have to make it work. >> reporter: at the pump there's acceptance. they stay it will go to $5. >> that's fine. >> reporter: california is the worst. the mountain states the best. maryland is somewhere in the middle. >> got to go to work. got to pick my kids up. got to do what i got to do. >> reporter: the u.s. government has a strategic gasoline reserve of three quarters of a billion gallons of gas. jess, back to you . >> the last time that reserve was tapped, prices went down 25 cents. >> we're learning mor
been dispersing radioactive material. u.s. helicopter crews returning from relief listings have tested positive for radiation hand to be contaminated. some were given potassium iodine pills as a precaution. millions spent a fourth night with little food or water in freezing temperatures. concerned relatives wait in long lines at evacuation centers for any word of their missing loved ones. this woman fears her only son is dead. people saw the tsunami wash him away in his car. rescuers are searching for survivors. a man was pulled alive from the rubble after being buried for four days. a 70-year-old woman was rescued from another town. ran dam pinkston. >> we will have more with mike hellgren. good afternoon, mike. >> reporter: good afternoon, everybody. right now tokyo is seeing twice the level of radiation. scientists say it doesn't pose a health threat yet. the clock is ticking in japan with the nuclear plant in crisis. dangerous levels of radiation are seeping from the fukushima plant. could it make it to the u.s. it would be dispersed before it came to the united states. at the pres
right now two u.s. crew members are back in u.s. hands after their fighter jet crashed in libya. mechanical problems brought down the plane. joel brown now reports. >> reporter: libyans are coming to see the wreckage of a u.s. fighter jet sent to protect them. the military says an equipment malfunction brought down the f- 15. both crew members ejected before the plane crash the and suffered minor injuries. rebel forces helped to get the crew members safely back into americas hands. the u.s. and coalition forces are flying dozens of missions each day to extend a no fly zone across the entire coast of libya. after three nights of air strikes military operations civilians are no longer threatened enable forces are moving forward. where gadhafi's heavily armed troops still have the upper hand. president obama who's traveling in south america got frequent updates about the f-15 accident. both he and the secretary of defense insist that the u.s. military role in libya will be winding down soon. >> it will be other members of the coalition on that day-to- day basis that will be extendi
at 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00. >>> more breaking news now. a gunman opened fire on u.s. soldiers stationed in germany and now two people are dead and more are wounded. we have the report with the latest on this shooting. >> reporter: a sheet covers up the windshield. the shooting happened near several u.s. military bases. police say the gunman openedfire as a bus sat outside the terminal. two people were killed and two others wounded. police could not confirm whether any of the casualties are u.s. military personnel. >> a u.s. official says that the gunman is believed to be from kosovo. >>> libyan leader moammar qaddafi is vowing to stay in control as hi forces continue violent attacks on protesters. the united nations is asking for air strikes and two u.s. warships are ready for orders from the white house in the sea. secretary of state hillary clinton says all options are now on the table. >>> well, a same-sex marriage bill survive the day? lawmakers have not decided if the bill could be put to a critical vote today. pat warren, live with the latest. good afternoon. >> reporter: good
rebels and government soldiers are battling over a strategic landmark. a major money problem for the u.s. post office. >>> plenty of sunshine but a chilly day. meteorologist tim williams will have the forecast coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,, bye, mom! we're here! [ giggling ] okay, girls. mom, i don't feel good. me, either. these days, nobody has time to get sick, but minute clinic makes it easy to get well. our nurse practitioners can diagnose and write prescriptions for everything from strep throat to sinus infections, with no appointment necessary. so you can feel better in no time. minute clinic -- the medical clinic inside cvs/pharmacy. find one near you at >>> the suspect in the slaying of two u.s. airmen have confessed. german prosecutors are investigating wednesday's shooting which also gurred two hair meant. the suspect opened fire on a bus load of u.s. airmen. >>> libyan forces loyal to leader moammar gadhafi launched another round of air strikes. it targeted the town of brega. rebels are fighting back but are asking for international help. >>> more money problems for
>>> crisis in libya. >>> today, u.s. laiders lay out what happens next. >> hello again, i'm don scott. and i'm jessica kartalija. coalition forces are controlling a no fly zone in lib yam there are a series of air strikes that gave the boost to rebels. >> reporter: u.s. fighter jets out of italy headed for lib yam there was a weekend of punishing air strikes and missile attacks. one blasted the compound in tripoli. his supporters displayed some of the damage. >> reporter: the forces were using the location as a command and control center. in the eastern city, qaddafilyiests fought the rebels in the streets and several took out his tanks before they reached the city. the coalition that includes bring britain, france and italy is enforcing a no fly zone to protect civilians. the u.s. is taking a lead role now. it will fall back into a support role. >> we'll turn over the primary responsibility to others. >> reporter: the pentagon is pleased with the progress so far. >> we judge the strikes to have been protective. >> reporter: senior military officials are saying that he's not the
eyewitness news. >>> the pentagon says that the military intervention cost the u.s. about $550 million so far. mostly for bombs and missiles. >>> japan vowed to overhaul the nuclear safety standards. the leaders admitted that the safe guards weren't enough. today, plutonium began seeping from the plant. the amounts aren't a risk to humans. it's the results of the damaged fuel rods though. >>> this is prompting a local group to issue its own warning. we're live with coverage with alex demetrick. >> reporter: for the past few weeks, a research group has been compiling information. it shows what coup in the u.s. >> reporter: as the radiation levels climb in japan, critics are issuing their own warnings. the latest are showing reports in u.s. plants. >> nuclear power is too risky for the communities. >> reporter: 17 significant incidents have happened since 1979. >> the nuclear commission showed significant pressorsers to a -- precursors as a meltdown. >> in 2003, radioactive hydrogen leaked from the plant. the wokers said that the source was one of the original pipes layed into the ground 40 yea
>>> here's what people are talking about today. u.s. warships are heading towards libya. international pressure builds for gadhafi to step down. government supporters are still holding on to the capital. >> reporter: thousands of refugees fought through crowds at libya's border. they're trying to escape the violence as gadhafi holds on to power. asked if he would leave, he said, why would anyone leave his country. the u.n. ambassador urged him to get off of the stage. >> the international community won't tolerate the slaughter of innocence. we're doing planning for all sorts of options. >> reporter: his son says she had no idea what's going on. the u.s. has moved warships into the area. the ambassador stopped short of saying whether america would back the no fly zone. >> reporter: a no fly zone is on the table and they're considering sending fighter jets to the region. >> it's not acceptable to have a situation where gadhafi can be murdering his own people. >> reporter: gadhafi's supporters repeated his accusations and al-queda and the west are plotting to steal libya's
possible. missiles from jets and ships are striking the air defenses and ground forces. the u.s. is getting ready titrant for -- transfer the leadership to nato. >> nato is ready and able and is going to take on. >> reporter: that could help president obama reassure american that is the u.s. role in libya is limited when he addresses the nation tonight. >> reporter: the white house is facing criticism for not consulting congress before getting involved. >> this policy is characterised by confusion and delay. it's no wonder why americans are confused. >> reporter: the top security officials tried to clear up the confusion and they didn't lay out a strategy and say how long the military mission would last. >> the military mission is limited and strictly to the no fly zone and for humanitarian purposes. >> reporter: tonight, president obama will reiterate that the mission is to protect civilians. he's said before, qaddafi needs to go. >> reporter: and you can watch the president's address to the nation here on wjz-13. it's scheduled to start at 7:30. >>> new pools of radioactive water are disc
of radiation are turning up here in the u.s. >> reporter: the united nations wants japan to expand the evacuation zone around the damaged fukushima power plant. there's now a 12-mile mandatory zone. high radiation levels have been discovered in a sprig 25 miles away. inside the zone police inside protective suits are looking for bodies killed in the earthquake and tsunami. they recovered 19 on wednesday but many more are smissments officials say concerns about radiation are slowing the work. the latest tests of sea water show radiation levels are still rising, now more than 4300 times the legal limit. the crisis is turning fukushima into a ghost town. the city is outside the evacuation zone, but residents enmass rush home from work to minimize radiation expose smumplet trains are not running and shops are closing at 5 p.m. this merchant said it's lonely at night. no one is outside. more traces of radiation are showing up in the u.s. milk in washington state and california are testing positive. >> radiation can be a scary word. it's important to remember we're surrounded by radiatio
been underway for a week, so far, no arab nations have participated. president obama says that the u.s. will hand over command in a matter of days, not weeks. secretary of state hillary clinton says that there's one sure way to stop the air assaults. >> the quickest way for him to end this is to actually serve the libyan people by leaving. >> reporter: and nato warships are making sure that the forces can't get reenforcement. they're patrolling the coast and preventing mercenaries from getting in the front door. wjz, eyewitness news. >>> they'll be the first league to join the nation patrolling the libyan air space. >>> the president's plan to refocus the health care system is focusing on maryland today. they'll meet downtown in baltimore. they'll talk about the program's successes since it's been a year since the act was signed into law by the president. congress is still pushing to repeal it. >>> in this afternoon's spring training report, last night was a low point for the orioles who struck out 14 times. as for the oriole pitching, brian matusz struggled early giving up two runs. i
: u.s. officials are trying to help the people flee the fighting. >> we're moving people to egypt. >> reporter: at the white house, they're determining how the u.s. can convince gadhafi to step down. wjz, eyewitness news. >>> gadhafi has been in power since 1969 when he lead a military cue that brought down the monarchy. >>> discovery touched down at kennedy space center minutes ago. it's flown a total of 39 missions over 27 years. the spacecraft will go on display at the smithsonian institute. two more missions remain. >>> today on the spring training report, another set back for brian reports. he's out of the game. he missed most of last season. he says his back problems are unrelated to a new injury. no word on when he'll return. >>> in less than a month, the o's play their first home game. that's april 4th. you can watch here on wjz-13. >>> still to come at noon, war on terror, why planned hearings are drawing out rage from many americans. >>> stunning reversal. why rod blagojevich is dropping his request for a retrial on his corruption conviction and asking for mediate senten
hands. witnesses say attacks this week have left dozens dead. the u.s. has commanded the international assault so far, but hopes to hand off control in the next few days. >> we will continue to support the efforts to protect the libyan people. but we will not be in the lead. >> reporter: diplomats say leaders are getting closer to an agreement that will put nato in charge of running the no-fly zone. the alliance has sent war ships to the waters off the libyan coast, joining the u.s. vessels on patrol there. joel brown, cbs news, the state department. >>> if coalition forces maintain the no-fly zone for more than a couple of month, the experts now estimate it could end up costing more than a billion dollars. >>> workers of that crippled nuclear plant in japan have shut down the recovery operations again as new radiation fears rise. tap water at the tokyo purification plant has tested positive for radiation. the levels were twice the levels and authorities are warning parents not to let their babies drink the water. at the plant, engineers have connected high power lines to six reactors
an uprising. as we record, some senators are calling for the u.s. to step in. >> reporter: rebel fighters are trying to fight off war planes mr. the opposition -- war planes, the opposition admits they're out gunned. just 30 miles from the capital of libya. the ground forces launched assaults and they control all access to the town. however, the rebels claim that in other towns they've controlled, they've fought off the military attacks. gadhafi made an appearance with a french television station. he down played the violence. thousands have been killed in the uprising, gadhafi insists that no more than 200 died. he blames al-queda for turning several against him. >> reporter: president obama is coming under pressure to get involved. two top lawmakers are calling for the white house to impose a no fly zone over libya. >> reporter: these senators say that would stop the war planes and take away his advantage over the opposition. >> the only way he can stay is by violently taking on the people of his country. >> reporter: the obama administration says that would have to start with an attack
the lack of information. >> it's very traumatic. >> reporter: the united nations and the u.s. government have both spent teams to japan to deal with the nuclear crisis. more than 90 governments are providing humanitarian assistance. hard hit villages are getting snow. shelters are filled to capacity with the homeless. >> i've been here for five days. all the schools have been turned into evacuation centers. >> reporter: he went on to television to make a rare address, urging his subjects not to give up. randall pinkston, wjz, eyewitness news. >> wjz's complete coverage continues now with mering merpg. he's live with the maryland emergency management in reisterstown with more on how maryland inspects its facilities. >> reporter: goof good morning. the maryland emergency management agency annually take last look at the disaster plans and the potential impact. the unfolding nuclear crisis in japan has raised concerns over how maryland would be in a similar disaster with calvert cliffs nuclear reactor located in the bottom of the state. the each bottom on the susquehanna and three mile islan
established no fly zone. the u.s. will conduct a task on the ground forces. gadhafi's government is accusing the government of missing targets. this is a claim that the forces deny. >>> the police say that a body was found in an alley after 7:00 a.m. there's no word on the dead man's identity and how he died, but the investigation continues. >>> and a developing story in the midwest. a child was shot and wounded in a middle school in indiana. we have more on the incident in martinsville. >> reporter: well, hi, don. details are still coming in. a student was shot twice in the stomach. the teen was air lifted and there's no word on his condition. the police say that the other student was suspended several days ago. the officers don't know what sparked the violence. >> we do not know what caused this, what happened and what lead up to the events. we're interviewing witness now. several agencies have been called in and detectives and agencies have been assisting at the scene. >> and a news station in annapolis is reporting that the shooting stems from an altercation that happened last week at a
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70 nations have offered humanitarian assistance. president obama says the u.s. will stand with the people of japan in the coming days. at least a dozen rescue teams from around the world are now on the ground. >> this is a very difficult time. it is an honor to be here and work alongside the teams in japan. >> reporter: but crumpled roads, fires an aftershocks are making it difficult for the crews to reach the hardest hit areas. one aftershock was measured at magnitude 6.5. wjz eyewitness news. >>> the southern maryland nuclear facility with two reactors is said to be safe and not prone to the same sort of problems in japan. con stillation energy group now operates the calvert plant and says it is able to withstand any type of seismic activity. for constant updates and additional video, go to first click on news an then on world. >>> the search is on for the killer of a hopkins student studying to her her mba. we have the story, mary. >> reporter: good afternoon, jessica and everybody at home. 30-year-old jana murray was killed inside the upscale athletic clothing
for the workers responsible. >>> back here in the u.s. the governor of wisconsin makes a serious threat to democrats. "get to work or state workers pay the price." governor scott walker is threatening to issue 1500 pink slips today if senate democrats don't return to wisconsin. republicans are trying to pass legislation stripping most public workers of collective bargaining rights. senate democrats left the state to prevent a vote. they have not been seen since that time. >>> a rude awakening for a couple in utah when a 2000- pound rock slams into their house. >> i was up in my bedroom and i heard a big crash and i felt my room shake. >> at first the couple thought it fell off a truck but it actually broke off a nearby rock formation. the 8-foot hole will take about a month to fix. thankfully, the couple says, their insurance will cover the bill. >>> still ahead at noon a sunny start to our weekend. first, here is a look at last night's winning lottery numbers. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, >>> welcome back. >> okay. up here. >> that is pretty slippery. >> daphne is 2 months old, a big old terri
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